Wireless Mobility

Unlimited Enhanced Plan starts at $65 per month. This plan is perfect for heavy streamers who want to use data, talk, text and never pay overages. This plan also comes with 15GB mobile hotspot and stream in HD (high definition).

Mobile Share Flex Plan is great for families who talk, surf the web and text. This plan starts at $45 per month. With the mobile share flex plan, the data is limited and shared so overages could apply.

AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced and the Unlimited Choice Enhanced Plans are perfect for families.

The Unlimited Enhanced Plan is $48 per line or $190 per month for four lines. It also comes with 15GB mobile hotspot and streams in HD (high definition).

The Unlimited Choice Plan is $40 per line or $160 for four lines. No mobile hotspot and streams in SD (standard definition).

***More than four lines (5-10) are $30 per line per month***


Discounts available to AT&T customers & Military personnel:

  • AT&T wireless/mobility customers enjoy $15 per month savings on their DIRECTV or DIRECTV now monthly bill.
  • Military personnel receive 20% off their total monthly bill.


Best Sellers ***Additional Smartphones Available***

Wireless Mobility
SSN will only be used to run credit check for services with AT&T. Failure to provide this information WILL DELAY processing of your order.
Your card will not be charged. However, a card must be kept on file with AT&T.
Only provide this information if you WOULD like to keep your current cell phone number. Otherwise, a new number will be generated for you.
All New lines will pay a $100 Visa Card
You will have an opportunity to select phone model and color type after you have been approved.
Create a 4 digit code